UNRAID license Calculator

I ran a quick Google search for ‘UNRAID license Calculator’ and to my amazement, nobody had created such and tool including LimeTech and if they had, Google was forthcoming in providing the result. So here we are, an UNRAID license calculator that you and I can reference when looking to figure out what license to buy.

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UNRAID license types and stipulations

Limetech currently (1st January 2020) offers 3 license tiers – they haven’t changed for years and there is little to no sign of them changing in the near future.

Tier 1 – Basic

6 Disks

Tier 2 – Plus

12 Disks

Tier 3 – Pro

‘Unlimted’ Disks

UNRAID registration settings
A screenshot from one of my UNRAID servers.

It is possible to get the number of attached devices out of UNRAID, but only after you have built your system and you have a trial or license version running. To see the following number of attached storage devices, follow this path in the UNRAID web interface:

Tools > About > Registration

Rules of UNRAID licensing

Disk counts for all three tiers include:

  • Array disks – Includes parity disks
  • Cache disks
  • Unassigned disks
  • Any other attached disks detected on boot with the exception of the USB drive containing the UNRAID OS. This might be a drive that is being passed through to a VM; not counted when passed through, but counted if connected on boot/before the array is bought online and VM boots.

Not included in the disk count:

  • The USB drive with the UNRAID OS installed on.
  • Any USB drive being actively passed through to a VM.

UNRAID license calculator

And so, with all of the above in mind an UNRAID license calculator would look a little something like this:

Array Disks: 0 30 – Your Value:

Cache Disks: 0 24 – Your Value:

Unassigned Disks: 0 100 – Your Value:

Total Disks:

Less than 7 Disks: Basic
Less than 13 Disks: Plus
Anything above 12 Disks: Pro

For full UNRAID licensing details, see here.

One more thing before I draw a line under this post… UNRAID offers a nice 30 day trial period with options for extensions. However, so far there has not been any method to determine the license you will require from within that trial period. So, the above calculator might eventually find it’s way into an UNRAID plugin. If there ever comes to fruition, I’ll be sure to make and post about it and drop a link to that plugin right here. Just don’t place your life savings on those odds.