Turning Creativity into Profit with Redbubble

In my recent quest to convert my photography hobby into one which pays the bills, I have explored the nuances of stock image sales – read more about that here. So far I have learn that it takes a lot of time to get everything setup, submitted and catalogued; I am starting to understand that it might take a number of months before I can expect to see any form of income from that avenue.

So with that in mind, I started to wonder, how else can I make money from my creativity? The answer came in an email at 23:15 the next day – the universe has its ways.

Why use Redbubble?

I had almost forgotten about Redbubble and I had completely forgotten that I had created an account, uploaded 5 images and made them available for people to buy as stickers.

Well here I am, with my first every sale. So I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why red bubble is such a fantastic place for creative types to share their work and get paid for its distribution across a large catalogue of physical media. If you draw, shoot pictures, write, redbubble allows you to upload your work and showcase it. You can offer your work for purchase on tshirts, tote bags, phone cases, canvas prints, notepads… The options are almost endless and the manufacturing output is of the highest standard.

The best part is, you don’t need to manage the billing, manufacturing , procurement or invoicing – Redbubble does all the hard work and you take your cut as the artist or creator.

I cannot stress how easy it is to get started with Redbubble and there are thousands of creative people who have uploaded some brilliant work to the site. If nothing else it is a great place to visit and get inspired. Here are the links to a few of my favorite creators:

My Favorite Creators

My Work on Redbubble

If you would like to explore my rapidly expanding portfolio you can do so here:


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