The key to a successful blog

Starting a blog is never easy. Staying motivated to keep creating content is difficult when nobody is visiting your site. How do I know this? You are reading this post a considerable amount of time after it was posted (check the publish date).

My blog is currently in its infancy, but I won’t let this stop me from pushing out content until something good happens… I get a viewer who is not myself checking the web server is still online.

Consistency is key

Just like any other online content platform, consistent content is the key to success. Big YouTube channels generally grew their subscriber base by uploading on a schedule for years. If your content has a hook, subscribers won’t be able to help but keep checking back for more. If you have an infrequent release schedule, you are going to struggle to maintain a recurring audience. People have a habit (arguably a bad habit) of checking their content feeds at a regular interval. If they don’t see fresh content from you, over time they will forget you exist and potentially unsubscribe.

Originality and Quality

If you are simply copying content or churning out quick and dirty content, you’re going to struggle to attract an audience.

People like to feel that they are getting valuable information.

Following a trend and like for like copying are two very different things. Add your own style or spin to every post.