Review: House of Marley - Smile Jamaica Wireless

If you are looking for a set of value for money, wireless headphones, let me explain why the Smile Jamaica might be the perfect purchase.

I hate wireless headphones

I am an advocate for a headphone jack and wired headphones. They don’t run out of battery (ordinarily), they have low latency and can offer great sound quality.

However, it is 2019 at the time of writing this and the percentage of phones and laptops without a 3.5mm headphone is far too high for my liking. Therefore, the time for me purchase a set of wireless headphones has arrived – I want to discover if a fan of the wire can learn to live with charging their headphones.

House of Marley

There are many off brand, low cost, wireless headphones on the market. This mostly thanks to Chinese manufacturers stamping out very similar products. When I buy audio visual products, I like to stick to established and reputable brands. The theory being that they use better quality materials and manufacturing methods… (Theory). House of Marley is a brand that I’ve gone to for a number of years for headphones which all round performance, great durability, comfortable ergonomics, at a respectable price. So I felt comfortable choosing this brand for my venture into wireless headphones.

Smile Jamaica Wireless

Let me start by breaking the pros and cons down into bullet points:


  • Comfortable ear buds for small ear canals. (There is also a large set of buds supplied)
  • Good build quality with durable braided cables.
  • Great aesthetic design, including responsibly sourced wooden materials.
  • Light weight and we’ll balanced design, using the neckband to house batteries and Bluetooth circuitry and controls.
  • Middle of the road audio quality; great for music, podcasts or audio books during your commute.
  • Quick and easy pairing and fast reconnect thereafter.


  • No tone when they’re about to run out of battery.
  • No quick charge support.
  • Uses a somewhat antique micro usb-b connector.
  • Another device that I need to keep charged.

Can I recommend these headphones?


Can I recommend switching from wired to wireless headphones?

For the most part, No.

Let me explain… The convenience of being about to road around the room without carrying your audio device is wonderful. However when the time comes when you really need to use your headphones and they are out of battery, you are going to wish you hadn’t spent your money on them. It is for this reason that I can only really recommend any set of wireless headphones provided that you have a pair of wired equivalents as a backup.

…and here we all are, still waiting for a more efficient technology to lithium Ion.