The Raspberry Pi 4 has now been released offering up to 4GB of RAM! All of the horsepower required for an excellent lower power, docker host.

Pi4 Running Docker However, there are currently issues undergoing work which prevent docker from running on the only Rasbian image currently available for the Pi 4 – ‘Rasbian Buster‘. Details of these issues can been found here on the GitHub thread –

Current Working Solution

Fear not, for there is a simple way to fool your docker installation and successfully getting it to run on the Pi 4.

First, let make sure that your raspbian install is up to date:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

Now let’s install docker:

curl -SL | sed 's/9)/10)/' | sh

Once complete the installer will advise that you should add the Pi user to the docker group if you wish to run docker commands from that account:

usermod -aG docker pi

And you’re done! Docker will now be running on your Raspberry Pi 4.

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