namecheap ssl ddclient A quote short post on how to secure your DDNS updates with Namecheap, SSL and DDClient. For those of us who use dynamic DNS to work around roaming IP addresses, it is important to make sure that you are updating your DNS records securely with SSL.

The default DDclient config has an example configuration file for using Namecheap’s DDNS service, however, it does not use SSL to check for your IP. In theory that connection could be manipulated and a false IP result could be returned – updating your DNS records to a wrong, malicious IP could cause a number of problems.

Namecheap SSL DDClient Config Example

login=<your domain goes here>
password=<your ddns password goes here>
<your sub domain goes here>

Something worth noting, Namecheap also have not made the effort to put this option to use SSL in their example config: