fortgiate subnet overlapping A short and sweet problem/resolution. If you are looking to enable subnet overlapping on a Fortigate so that you can give multiple interfaces an IP in the same subnet, this is the post for you.

NOTE: This feature can only be enabled in the Fortigate’s CLI. To enable the overlapping feature, enter the following commands:

config system settings
  set allow-subnet-overlap [enable/disable]

What is subnet overlapping?

Subnet overlapping is disabled by default in fortiOS and for good reason; if you misuse subnet overlapping it can cause massive routing issues for your clients and their traffic. Subnet overlapping lets you apply IPs from the same subnet (e.g 192.160.1.X/24) to multiple interfaces that are not in the same virtual/physical switch.

When trying to set an overlapping IP to an interface without enabling overlapping, the FortiGate will give the following error messages, CLI or GUI respectively:

'Subnets overlap between 'port2' and the primary IP of 'port2'
object set operator error, -54 discard the setting'


'IP address is in same subnet as the others.'

When might I use subnet overlapping?

One of my most common reasons for using subnet overlapping on a Fortigate is to give a HA interface a management IP on the same subnet as the shared (floating) management interface for your Fortigate. This makes it easy to access the web interface or SSH to the CLI of a HA slave if you need to do some troubleshooting.

Supported FortiOS versions

All of the following branches support subnet overlapping, but all have it disabled by default:

FortiGate v4.0 MR2

FortiGate v4.0 MR3

FortiGate v5.0

FortiGate v5.2

FortiGate v5.4

FortiGate v5.6

FortiGate v6.0

FortiGate v6.2

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