Podcast Recomendations for 2019

If you are a fan of listening to podcasts like myself then let me extend some of my favorite and most recommended podcasts:

  • No Agenda
    • If you have ever browsed your podcast listeners store, then I would hope that you have seen the No Agenda show. This podcast requires an open mind and at least 5 episodes before the uninitiated realise how this show really works. This podcasts isĀ the place to hear news media deconstruction; there is simply nowhere better.
  • Coder Radio
    • If you are a coder, then this lade back look into the art and business of software development will be a favorite. Part of the Jupiter Broadcasts podcast network, means that high production value is a standard. Learning whilst you listen in inevitable.
  • Mysterious Universe
    • Perhaps one podcast which I listen to when I want to chill out and explorer some slightly off the wall theories. With great production values, fun hosts and consistent release schedule, MU is a great listen if you want to escape the norms of daily life.
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage
    • Arguably the best thing to come out of BBC Radio 4. This is an intellectual sensation. If you want to get your perceptions of science warped whilst comedians bring things back down to a level which the average person can understand.
  • Linux Unplugged
    • Another laid back deconstruction podcast, but this one is all about the weekly goings on in the Linux sphere. Featuring community guests, the hosts of this podcast unravel the changes and updates happening throughout the linux ecosystem. If you are a linux casual or a spearhead of the linux community, there is something here for you.

These are 5 of my favorite listens. Please feel free to share your favorites or hidden gems with me; I’m always looking to expand my listening horizons – lets start a discussion.