Neewer 3 stage ND filter kit - Product Review

Neewer 3 stage ND filter kit - Product Review

I have been on a quest to find a better ND filter solutions ever since I first started to attempt long exposure photography, all the way back in 2013. I have flip flopped around between fixed ND screw on filters, variable screw on ND filters and slot/panel style.

Another Longer Expose Failure.

More recently, since transitioning to a full frame DLSR, I have ben trying to encourage myself to try more long expose shots. I alway enjoyed the technical challenge presented by long exposure shots but my panel ND filters have been presenting very undesirable results.

Most if not all of my long exposure failures have been caused by dust or dirty finding its way onto the filter. I have learned that whilst slide in, panel filters offer the most flexibility, they are more prone to collecting unwanted debris on their surface. So for me, it was time to pick which lens I was most likely to use for long exposures and find screw on ND filters of the correct diameter.

Neewer 3 stage filter kit – 72mm

Purchased from

Amazon Description:

72MM ND Filters (ND2 / ND4 / ND8):

  • ND (Neutral Density) filters reduce the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the colour.
  • Can be used to enable slower shutter speeds. Also can be used to better separate subjects from the background by allowing wider apertures, effectively decreasing depth of field.
  • Double threaded allowing additional filters or accessories to be mounted one over the other.
  • Made of optical materials. The Filter coating can reduce the scratching and the amount of light more effectively.

Box Contains:

1ND2 Filter 1ND4 Filter 1ND8 Filter 1Filter Bag

Price Paid:

29th May 2019

My Test shots:

Scene Without ND Filters – F22, 1/8 second shutter speed
Scene with all three filters – F22, 30 Second shutter speed
Final edit – Including the remove of the vignetting caused by the filters.

Findings and Thoughts:

At the price of £12.50 (~£4.00 per filter), I would consider this filters of reasonably good value for money. The machining quality of the threads was good and there are no sign of the powder coating finish deteriorating yet.

I am certain that these filters are still likely to build up dust and cleaning them whilst in location will be more difficult than cleaning a variable ND filter; particularly when using these filters stacked together. That being said, when these filters are screwed into the camera or one another, there is no way for dirt or dust to get in between them, unlike panel filters.

There is no option for a graduated filter when using screw in ND filters, however, I strongly believe that post processing has already eradicated the need for such a filter.

Final Thoughts…

I will be trying these filters out for the rest of the summer and hope that I can bring back the joy I experienced back in 2013 when I first discovered the long exposure method and style. My first impression is that they will serve me well.

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