My Photography Inspirations

Here a just a few of my favorite and most inspiring creators. You may have seen the work of most, but hopefully you’ll find someone new to add to your follow list.

1 Chris Burkard – @chrisburkard
An obvious choice, Chris is a truly inspiring creative.


2 Thomas Heaton – @heatonthomas
Thomas’ work helped me to quantify my passion for photography.


3 Marti Gutfreund – @enchanted.forest and her cat Suki – @sukiicat
Marti and her wonderful cat Suki are sharing beautiful locations which are far from off the beaten path.


4 Elliot Simpson – @elliotjsimpson
A small (for now) account but amazing creator. His style is one I am to emulate.


5 Jacob Moon – @moonmountainman
The ultimate explorer and family man.



6 Yours truly – @travelgramtom
Someone who pretends to know what he is doing but is just making it up as he goes along.