Maximising Adsense Revenue: The 25 Most Expensive Keywords

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It is no secret that Google pays different rates for clicks on the content served by its artivertising network. This difference is driven by the companies and industries buying the ad space from Google. Some industries are agresssively pushing online marketing and are willing to offer a greater return for clicks through to their content. Using the bellow keywords will help you in maximising Adsense revenue.

Highest Earning AdSense Categories in the UK:

KeywordAverage CPC
Online Gambling £25.45
Real Estate£13.57 
Money Transfer £12.38 
Insurance £11.94 
Business Services £11.68 
Internet & Telecom £11.27 
Advertising £10.45 
Vehicle Tracking £10.26 
Elderly Health £9.94 
Estate Agents £9.68 
Video Production £9.41 
Locksmith £9.14 
Medical Health £8.85 
Health & Fitness £8.72 
Charity £8.59 
Financial Trading £8.35 
Education £7.74 
Racking £7.47 
Loans £7.39 
Coffee Rentals £7.31 
Mattress £7.22 
Law & Government £7.16 
Rehab £6.77 

Search keywords are highly driven by location amongst other factors, for example US election candidates are less commonly search for in the UK than the US.

What Is CPC?

Cost per click, or CPC, is the amount an advertiser pays for each click on one of their ads in platforms such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads. For those looking to earn from running adsense on thei website or blog, the higher the CPC, the more money you are able to earn from visitors who click through on adverts.

Content is king

Regardless of the list above, you should always look to make your content revolve around your interests. I am an IT engineer and enjoy programming; I have no interest in writing about mattresses or Insurance. If you want to grow an audience or at the very least, enjoy maintaining your blog/content, it is far easier when you are not pushing yourself to write about topics you don’t align with. Wholesome content will keep your viewership interested.

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