How to travel for less in 2019 with AirBnB

Travelling the world has never been so accessible before, but in 2019 it can be difficult to find a good value place to stay when you are seeing the world.

This post is going to explain a few of my top tips on saving money whilst staying in beautiful residences, in unbeatable holiday locations. If you haven’t used AirBnB before then you are truly missing out on a fantastic, community driven home sharing experience.

Gone are my days off staying in poorly facilitated, over priced and often inconveniently located hotels when I travel. AirBnB has unlocked a multitude of beautiful homes for travelers to enjoy.

Case study: Paris

Paris proves to be an excellent example of how AirBnB residences are changing the way people travel. The streets of Paris are lined with beautiful multistorey buildings, often containing apartments. These apartments offer an unbeatable location, often being in the thick of the Parisian hustle.

AirBnB encourages respect from both parties by allowing reviews of guests and of properties. This protects homes from misuse and guests from a misadvertised disaster.

This home sharing system offers flexibility for the home owner and guests. The home owner choses when they want to make their property available and the guest can request a flexible stay length.

Hotels often fit a particular mould. They adhere to basically ergonomic and health and safety specifications. You have to pay higher rates to get something special and in a city like Paris that isn’t always available in a convenient location.
AirBnB homes are driven by the home owners personal taste and style, so in a city like Paris, you are certainly going to find some exceptional properties to stay in.

Top Tips for using AirBnB

  1. Just like booking hotels and package holidays, the earlier you book, the more choice you will have available to you. Whilst most hosts don’t tend to fluctuate their price, you are likely to miss out on some great places to stay if you are trying to find something at the last minute. Booking ahead gives you a greater chance of reserving a property before anyone else does.
  2. Use the map view when searching. This tip is particularly important for city stays; location is key and unless you would prefer to be sleeping further out of town, using the map view when searching AirBnB is a great way to find a place that is in the heart of the city.
  3. Don’t be afraid to stay with the host. Sometimes it can be nice to have the place all to yourself and not bee in the company of strangers. However, hosts with local knowledge and understanding of the place you are visiting can be a great help and hosts often are willing to share the ‘hidden gems’ of the place you are visiting.

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