How to organise your ideas - Bullet Journals

One small life hack which I learned during my time at university is to keep a journal or notebook to record all your thoughts, ‘To Do’ lists and plans. In more recent years I have used journals to keep track of my blog post and video ideas. The are a relatively inexpensive tool to help you store all your thoughts, particularly for those who lead a busy life making thought retention a challenge.

Whilst I understand that most people these days have a smart phone or a laptop, making paper journals unnecessary, such devices are full of distractions and ofter taint the original thought which we intend to record. Furthermore penmanship is a dying art and using a good old fashioned pen and paper is a good way to remember how to write in this day and age of smartphones.

Fancy Notebooks:

Personally, I’m a fan of a simple black notepad with ruled lines, but some people enjoy the finer things in life and take pride in a aesthetically pleasing notebook. For those people my recommendations include:

Other proponents for using a journal: