How to create slow motion video in Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve has been making huge moves in the video editing market share. Their free version is pulling people in and giving them enough tools to figure out if a fully licensed version is suitable for them, vs Adobe’s 7 day trial of premier pro.

Creating slow motion video

If you have a 24fps time line and you have a 60 fps source video, this is how you can take that clip and convert it to a slow motion video without frame drop and stuttering:

Step 1 – Import the video clip
Be sure to select the option not to video’s frame rate (60fps) to that of the project (24fps).

Step 2 – Enter the clip attributes
Right click on your source video and go to clip attributes:

Step 3 – Change the higher (60fps) frame rate to match your project frame rate (24fps):

Now when you drop the clip into your timeline, it will be a slow motion clip – in this example my 60fps clip has been slowed down to run at 24fps… almost 2x slow motion.