How Much Money can I earn from Shutterstock?

If you have found this post because you typed this question into your search engine, welcome, I hope that you can learn something valuable from what you are about to read.

Over the period of the next year, I am going to be creating a child post to this topic every month, detailing how much money I have earned from Shutterstock, as well as sharing tips on how I managed to do so. Hopefully you can follow along and we can compare numbers at the end of the experiment.

What is Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of many similar platforms where you can earn money in exchange for the licensed use of your photographs and images. Essentially, you upload a photo, a publisher of any kind requires such an image for their content, so they pay Shutterstock for the rights to use that image and you get your share of that money.

Getting Started

I have had my Shutterstock account for quite some time and never earned a penny. Now I am going to turn that around by uploading images, tagging my content properly so that creators can find it and we will see what happens to my earning statistics.

I am not entirely sure how much I can expect to earn and I believe that this is one of the problems with the stock photo selling ecosystem. Therefore I will also be tracking the amount of time I spend contributing to any earnings I make – this will help us determine if it is really worth your time. I consider myself to be a spare time photographer, so I would hope that selling my images might help recoup my equipment spending over the period of a year.

Setup a Shutterstock Portfolio

If you don’t have a Shutterstock portfolio, don’t worry it’s free to setup and get started. You can use the following referral link to take your to the starting point:

My Portfolio

You can find my Shutterstock Portfolio here:

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