5 of the best automotive channels on YouTube in 2020

5 of the best automotive channels

Sometimes the YouTube algorithm just doesn’t want to share some of the best channels and content available on the platform. So, unfortunately, the gratuitous list post is required to spread the word of some of the most exceptional automotive channels on YouTube circa 2020. In no particular order here are 5 of the best automotive channels to watch on YouTube:

1 – Bad Obsession Motorsport

These mad scientists are the two responsible for a 6 year in the making, 4WD, Turbo, Classic, Mini. If there ever finish it, it will be a machine to behold.


Be sure to check out the entire Binky series!

2 – The Skid Factory

Consider this a spin-off channel from the infamous Might Car Mods gents – this channel is the home of ‘Turbo Yoda’. It is a pleasure to watch two heartwarming Australian gentlemen build some exceptional cars in the shed.


3 – Benny’s Custom Works

Another MCM spin-off. Benny is yet another well clued in chap building insane machines out of his workshop.


4 – Fuzzy Dice Projects

Not all YouTube car channels are rebuilding salvaged supercars and shooting for Sema. FDP is the embodiment of that sentiment, bringing clapped out old cars back from the brink.


5 – Tom’s Turbo Garage

The home of an immaculate V8 MX5 and Turbo Galant; this channel sees every bolt torqued to spec and it is ever so pleasing to behold.